Our Services

Whatever your animation or video requirements, you can count on Kashu to deliver the perfect video for your business or project!

Explainer videos

An animated Explainer Video is usually a short, animated video, designed specifically with the intention of explaining an idea, product or service in a straightforward and captivating way.

Corporate animations

Awesome videos that use motion graphics coupled with clean animation to convey and simplify even the most complex of messages to potential clients, existing clients, employees, and any other stakeholders.

Social media Ads

Social Media Video Ads are advertisements or commercials that are presented or shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat.

Tutorials/How-to animations

A tutorial video can be used in a range of ways and scenarios, from a ‘user guide’ that you can send out with follow-up material after a customer has purchased your product or service, to content for your YouTube channel that explains a ‘how to’ process to your viewers.

GIF animations

A GIF animation is typically a very short, animated video that’s looped – they’re simple and often used to illustrate a single event, idea or message.