This project was a part of our client Simpo’s advertising campaign and its main objective was to explain their service and its benefits. Simpo is a tool which optimizes the work with various software within a company, making it easier for all employees to be on the same page.
The client wanted to represent the interactions in an office amusingly and was a fan of Rick and Morty’s character style. This and his detailed brief helped us find the best course of action for the creative stages you’ll see below.
Video Style:
Explainer video
What We Did
Voiceover recording, designs, and animation


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Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
explainer video script
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

The client had a clear vision for the direction he was going to go with the video, so he provided a draft of the script. Our talented writers proofread the copy and gave suggestions as to how to make it better for the purposes of the explainer animation.
Step 2


The tone of the script was very casual and laid-back and the voice actor had to match the mood. We offered a catalog of voices for our client to choose from and after some deliberation, they selected a friendly-sounding male voice for the job. We work with many talented actors, who can provide voiceovers in various languages!
Coohom explainer video voiceover
explainer video sketch
Step 3

Sketching Phase

The sketching phase is a tricky one because it only gives clients a preliminary idea of what the designs would look like. So it is not exactly a polished image, but it has to be carefully considered and approved, as it provides directions for the designers who will work on the style.
Step 4

Style sample

After the sketches had been greenlit by the client, they were further developed by our talented concept artists to showcase the style of the entire video. The characters in Rick and Morty were used as a reference but were simplified as to not distract from the message of the video. The client was a fan of how the designs turned out, so we went on with the next stage of the process.
explainer video style sample
explainer video storyboard
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

At this stage, the client got to see how the video will flow, how the scenes will look next to each other, and how the narration will be illustrated by the animation. This was also the final chance to make any last-minute changes to the details before we started making the video.
Step 5


After all the above elements were approved by the client, we were ready to put together the entire video. The animation is usually the longest and hardest stage, however, if all other steps are completed successfully, animating becomes fun and pleasant. The final touch for this video was adding the music and the sound effects that will give it a good pace, and a touch of humor.
animated explainer video

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