Red Giant specializes in creating attention-grabbing, effective radio commercials tailored to their customers’ specific target markets. Our guys at Kashu worked alongside their fabulous team to create an Animated Explainer Video that showcases this unique and invaluable skillset.
Through using discrete and proven techniques, Red Giant is able to deliver your business message clearly and their success lies in the diversity to adapt this formula to fit multi-synchronized messaging platforms – ensuring your message is delivered with the highest possible impact.
Video Style:
2D animation
What We Did
Scriptwriting, voiceover recording, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

Collaborating closely with the team at Red Giant, we began mind-mapping and developing ideas for the animated explainer video. We wanted to create a unique visual that captured their brand in an energetic and vibrant way and the ‘in car’ scenario we scripted felt like a fun, dynamic and exciting.
Step 2


With Red Giant fully on-board with the script, it was now time to engage one of our excellent voiceover artists and with the client’s help, we were able to select the perfect guy to deliver the bright and bubbly tone required to bring energy and clarity to the video. We’re sure you’ll agree that this truly breathed life into the audio – literally!
Coohom explainer video voiceover
Step 3

Sketching Phase

During this phase, we started getting really creative – it was all about delivering the right vibe and feel through injecting color and feeling into the video. Things were starting to get exciting and we bounced off the client’s ideas; making sure the sketches were exactly what they wanted and the characters and scene looked perfect.
Step 4

Style sample

 Red Giant loved the sketches and collaboratively, we decided on a classic yet contemporary style – all the while listening intently to any feedback from our client. The style chosen would allow us the freedom to create the characters and storyboard to suit the brand’s vision.
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

The whole concept had REALLY taken shape now and we were buzzing about bringing our visual narrative to life. We needed to provide the cohesive glue so that the subjects, settings and the action on screen flowed effortlessly and the client was able to envisage how the animation phase would play out.
Step 5


And finally, to our favorite part: the animation! Our team of expert animators were now able to create a smooth yet vibrant animation, bringing personality and warmth to the characters, set and objects by infusing warm reds and golds with an upbeat and ‘bouncy’ animated feel. It was important to show the characters having fun and smiling while also demonstrating the range of media platforms that represent our client’s expertize. Overall, Red Giant was delighted with our immersive, fun and informative animated explainer video.

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