QuickService is a convenient tool to optimize workflow, deliver data in real-time, and make support more efficient. They wanted to present how their system worked in an accessible and eye-catching way, so it could appeal to a wider audience.
That meant we had to illustrate the information in a fun and engaging way, balancing the complicated details with clear and entertaining animation. See the steps we took to achieve it!
Video Style:
Explainer video
What We Did
Voiceover recording, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

The client provided us with an informative and clear script, detailing the mechanism behind the service they provided. Our talented copywriters proofread the content and collaborated with the client to come up with the most understandable way the information could be presented.
Step 2


We sent the client a catalog of talented voice actors. To help with the selection, we narrowed down the list to the most appropriate voices, who would fit the brand and the message QuickService wanted to convey. Unsurprisingly they chose one of our star voices – the brilliant Seth – to do the voiceover.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
Step 3

Sketching Phase

After the script was recorded, we started sketching the basic layout of the video – what the characters would wear, what the setting would look like. Although this was just an initial concept, it was important for the client to be on board with it, as this would determine the entire direction in which we would go for the final video.
Step 4

Style sample

The client liked the style of a few other videos that we did and wanted us to base the main characters on them. After we discussed some changes to make the video unique, we agreed on an engaging cartoony design that could make a complex problem fun and easy to understand.
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

Once the client approved what the characters would look like, we had to give them a more detailed idea of what they would be doing. The storyboard presented a shot-by -shot image of the narrative, transitions, and the frame sequence, so the client could see and greenlight the developed concept.
Step 5


After the above steps were completed and agreed upon with the people at QuickService, we were all set to do the animation. Keeping in touch with the client through the whole process made us confident that we understood exactly what they wanted and their expectations and goals would be met. The final product is a charming, light-hearted video that speaks to the client’s target audience.

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