Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency platform in the world, so it is no surprise that it’s biggest issue is scalability. Ethereum Plasma provides a solution to this concern by allowing smaller, side networks, called Plasma chains, to be developed to the main Ethereum blockchain. This reduces the strain put on the main chain, making it perform faster,
which means shorter waiting periods and smaller transaction fees. But how could we explain the mechanism behind Plasma in a simple, easy-to-understand way? Our client wanted a technically precise video, which could also be accessible to a blockchain beginner. As newbies in the field ourselves, we had a lot of work to do!
Video Style:
Explainer video
Matic Network
What We Did
Script, voiceover recording, designs, and animation


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blockchain explainer video script
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

The script is the backbone of an explainer video, as it distills the information to a clear and catchy text. With this particular project, the script needed to be technically precise and factual, so the final copy was done in collaboration – the client provided the technical data and our writer made it sound coherent and intriguing.
Step 2


The voiceover is another important component of the final product, as the voice adds another layer to the overall mood of the video. We presented the client with a list of talented actors, and they selected a friendly-sounding professional female voice to help put the message across in a positive and approachable tone.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
blockchain explainer video
Step 3

Sketching Phase

For the preliminary sketching, we wanted to step away from complex elements, characters, and sets so the main focus could remain on the information presented. Simple geometrical shapes and schematic graphics were at the core of the concept, and as soon as the client approved the sketches, we went on to refine them.
Step 4

Style sample

Sleek and clean style fit the client’s trademark perfectly. We developed the forms further and added flat colors, derived from the client’s brand identity. The style was inspired by technology infographics and their straight-to-the-point purpose.
blockchain explainer video
blockchain explainer video
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

Once the style was approved by the client, we continued to the storyboard stage. The simple elements had to move smoothly and effortlessly throughout the video, each with a specific purpose, illustrating the Ethereum and Plasma blockchain models.
Step 5


Minimalist design, combined with flat colors gave the video not only clarity but also contributed to the gravity and importance of the message. The 3D elements we included in the animation, added a catchy detail and made the whole video look modern and sharp – a perfect representation for a cutting-edge technology company
blockchain explainer video

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