Levercode is a hi-tech company that creates reliable and secure data systems. Yes, it is just as complicated as it sounds. The client wanted a video that targeted potential customers, who already have some understanding of the subject matter, but had to be assured of the importance of security and the benefits Levercode’s services provide.
but had to be assured of the importance of security and the benefits Levercode’s services provide. The task at hand was to create a corporate explainer video that would suit the brand of the client and the message of security and stability they wanted to convey. Follow along through the steps we took to complete this project.
Video Style:
Corporate video
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Voiceover recording, designs, and animation


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explainer video script
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

The script lays the foundation of an explainer video. It is vital that the script presents the product or service as the most adequate response to potential customers’ needs and wants. Due to the complex nature of this particular client’s services, the script was constructed in a collaboration between our copywriters, and their team. If you need guidelines on how to write a successful script on your own, you can see our article on that.
Step 2


Another essential component of the explainer video is the voiceover. When we talk about corporate videos, the direction we go is a confident voice, which gives the impression to “know the answer” to the potential problem at hand. The voice talent has to impart trust, reliability, and poise. We selected several professional actors out of the dozens we have in our catalog, who would fit the requirements so that our client could choose the best man for the job.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
explainer video sketch
Step 3

Sketching Phase

This is where we go into the visuals, by drafting preliminary sketches of the characters and scenes. This is to make sure that the visual storyline makes sense together with the script. Through pencil drawings and additional comments, we showcase how each scene will flow together with the voiceover. All the details are added at the following stages after the sketches have been approved.
Step 4

Style sample

This phase determines the animation style of the video and design of the scenes. For this particular client, we used a very minimal color scheme and sleek designs to correspond to the hi-tech nature of their business, the more serious tone of the corporate message, and the sense of reliability that we needed to communicate.
explainer video style sample
explainer video storyboard
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

The storyboard is the final step before the animation and it shows the visual storyline in more detail, the key scenes, and the transition between them. This is to ensure that the final video will match the sketches and style sample that the client has already approved. The graphic storyboard also displays the designs in a sequence to give the client a better idea of what the video will look like.
Step 5


All the components, which have been greenlit by the client in the previous stages, are put together in the final animation. For this client, we did a motion graphics video that is inspired by modern flat design. There are no characters to distract from the message, everything is clean, minimal, and modern to suit the brand. In line with the hi-tech business, we’ve added the binary code elements, the shield and the padlock that symbolize security, and the hexagon shapes, that have already become an integral part of technological designs. Very subtle music has been added to give the video a more upbeat tempo, and the sound effects further enforce the concept of automation and electronics.
corporate explainer video

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