The Leaps Brief

The animated video we produced for tech company ‘Leaps’ is a fantastic example of an animated explainer video done right. Firstly, it has a strong focus on their brand colors and identity, and secondly, it is able to communicate a number of complicated or advanced ideas quickly and clearly, without being dull!

There were several steps in the creation process for this high-quality video, read-on to learn more.

Each individual explainer video we tackle for our clients comes with its own unique combination of needs and obstacles to overcome. Luckily, we have the experience and talented team required to not only overcome these obstacles, but surpass all expectations!

In this case, Leaps needed to communicate the applications for their technology, showing the number of ways in which their indoor location technology works in a way that is easy to understand to the layman. They also wanted us to work with a branded colour scheme, meaning our use of colour and character styles had to stick within set parameters.

Video Style:
Isometric 2D animation
What We Did
Scriptwriting, voiceover recording, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

When it comes to creating videos that are planned to communicate a complicated idea or number of ideas, it’s crucial that we work closely with the client to ensure the contents of the script is factually accurate and contains the right balance of tone and pace to ensure the finished product is engaging. For this reason, the team at Leaps had a lot of involvement in the production of the script, and we worked to ensure the final script fits the video well.



Step 2


We then selected one of our talented voiceover artists to read the script. We love this step, because our artists are fantastic at giving scripts character and energy, and it allows the client to get their first taste of how the finished video will ‘feel’. We can also get any initial feedback on the voiceover, and then ensure we incorporate that feedback into all future elements of the video production.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
Step 3

Sketching Phase

Next comes the storyboarding. During this phase, we were able to present the team at Leaps with sketches….
Step 4

Style sample

…style setters, demonstrating scene, character and element styles and colours before committing them for the final scenes ( the graphic storyboard).
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

In Leaps’ particular case, there is a number of applications for their location technology, and therefore we had to demonstrate the application of the product in a number of settings during the storyboard phase, which was great fun!
Step 5


Our team of skilled animators then bring the video to life! Each element and scene is injected with activity, showing everything in motion, from smartphone maps, drones and factory operating lines! We also seamlessly switched from scene to scene, perfect for showing the number of applications of this software in a quick and concise explainer animation!
Explainer video animation Axius

Ready to get started?

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