LeadMetriks is a marketing agency that helps affiliate marketers earn big commissions. Their target audience is people who want to make money from affiliate marketing but find it hard to keep up with all the complexities of the business. The client needed a catchy,
memorable video that directly spoke to the viewer and pinpointed their needs without going into technicalities. We wanted to create immediate positive associations with our client’s services through dynamic, entertaining, and playful animation.
Video Style:
Explainer video
What We Did
Voiceover recording, designs, and animation


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Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
explainer video script
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

The best way to reach your audience is to speak their language, and as a marketing agency, our client knew that better than anyone. The script was crafted so that potential customers can identify with it and see themselves reaping the benefits of using the advertised service. The casual language highlighted the idea that our client’s main goal was to make the life of affiliate marketers easier.
Step 2


The perfect voiceover has to match the tone and the message of the script – after all, the actor doesn’t just represent you but personifies your entire brand. In this case, our client didn’t want the video to sound like a classic sales pitch, but as if the actor was talking to people he knew, yet sounds confident in the solution he’s proposing. Our wide selection of voice talent gave the client the opportunity to find the perfect fit for their script.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
explainer video sketch
Step 3

Sketching Phase

The sketches show how the scenes and the script work together. At this stage, we present the client with simple drawings so they can see the basic concepts we have for the visuals. These sketches are just a preliminary idea, which needs to be approved by the client before we can add the style and the details to the designs.
Step 4

Style sample

After the sketches have been greenlit, our concept artists need to come up with the style that will best suit the video and the brand. The client often chooses other videos we’ve made as a reference, so we can have a better idea of what’s in their head. Based on that idea, we then develop original designs, to reflect the unique voice of each client.
explainer video style sample
explainer video storyboard
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

Once the client okayed the style, our graphic design team started working on detailing the key scenes in a graphic storyboard. They further developed the characters and their environment, sets, and other graphic elements, so that the client could get a better understanding of how they will flow one after another. These designs lay the foundation for the animation process.
Step 5


After all of the above steps were approved by the client, our animators had to bring the characters to life via 2D vector animation. A few other scenes were added in between the key scenes to make transitions logical and to add dynamics. Our animators paid special attention to making all movements smooth and effortless to emphasize the message of convenience that the video needed to convey. To complete the projects, we added an energetic rock tune to add a faster pace, and appropriate sound effects to give the video humour and realism.
explainer video animation

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