The Foxstone Brief

Producing this animated explainer video for Foxstone was a lot of fun. We got to work with a range of vibrant colours and create lifelike character models with realistic facial expressions and animations, as well as close-ups of the Foxstone platform on tech devices.

While Foxstone is a cutting-edge real estate investment network, they were open and flexible to a whole range of our ideas, resulting in an animated explainer video that not only clearly communicated the value of their service, but was also fun and easy to watch too.  

Read on to learn more about the creation process behind the scenes of the Foxstone explainer animation!

Video Style:
Isometric 2D animation
What We Did
Scriptwriting, voiceover recording, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

With the video project for Foxstone, clarity was a priority for this client. We needed to clearly explain some of the issues with traditional real estate investment, as well as highlighting Foxstone as the solution to those issues. This is why we begin with working with the client to ensure the script they produced is clear, concise and engaging to the audience; not only is that the best way to sell your idea, but it also makes it perfect for the pacing of the animation.
Step 2


Once the script was perfect, we moved on to the recording of a professional, engaging voiceover. At Kashu we have a network of incredibly talented voiceover artists, meaning Foxstone were able to select their favorite tone and accent from a number of our artists, ensuring the final product fits their brand and audience perfectly.


Coohom explainer video voiceover
Step 3

Sketching Phase

 By this time, we’d also been working on a sketch storyboard and layout for the video, producing the sketches first.
Step 4

Style sample

We continued with  samples of each scene, character and element and receiving initial feedback from the client to tune-up the designs before creating an animation (trust us, it’s much simpler this way!).
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

During this phase, we designed a number of lifelike characters using realistic skin tones, colors and designs.
Step 6


Finally, our team of whizzkid animators brought the whole project to life by adding realistic movements to characters’ facial expressions and actions, close-ups of the Foxstone platform in action on a graphic tablet, cool top-down maps of Switzerland and more! We finalised the project with some fun and subtle music in the background, giving the video that perfect finishing touch.

Ready to get started?

The Foxstone project was incredibly fun to work on; if you’d like to discuss your vision for an animated explainer video, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today for more information!