DogTag created a revolutionary solution to an all-too common problem with their ‘virtual leash’ system, and needed a memorable and engaging way to explain the value of their product to potential customers.
With a vibrant Animated Explainer Video created by the buzzing creative team at Kashu, they are now able to quickly demonstrate the functionality and value of their system in under 80 seconds!
Video Style:
Explainer video
What We Did
Voiceover recording, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Scriptwriting & Brainstorming

Almost every explainer animation we create for clients starts with the production of a clear, and suitably engaging script. This first step allows us to find the perfect tone and pace for the video, using language and terminology that the client approves of, but also engages with the audience.
Step 2


Now that we have a winning script, we move on to the voiceover! At Kashu, we have a network of approved, experienced and talented voiceover artists from all around the world, meaning we could easily find the perfect tone, accent and language for DogTag’s animation.
Coohom explainer video voiceover
Step 3

Sketching Phase

Now we can start to play around with character and scene styles! We begin by drafting some rough sketches of each element we want to include in the video, this allows the client to give us their initial thoughts and feedback, and ensure the style we settle on is in-keeping with their brand.
Step 4

Style sample

Next we move on to creating the style samples – these are more detailed versions of the first sketch designs. During this stage we add colour and more detail to every character (especially the dogs!), showing a closer draft of the ‘final’ versions that will appear in the animated explainer video. Again the client is able to give another round of feedback on the look of the characters and scenes.
Step 5

Graphic storyboard

Before we commit all of the characters, elements and scenes to the animation stage, we map out the narrative of the video by creating a storyboard. This allowed the team at DogTag to see how we envisioned the story in their video playing out, and see how the visualisations would appear in order.
Step 5


Finally, we combine all of that hard work during the animation stage. Our talented team breathes life into the colourful characters and scenes, creating a fun and engaging video. This video featured happy characters, (including the loveable Marley!) as well as a realistic close-up animated demo of how the DogTag app works on mobile devices.

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