The Channel Bakers Brief

The team at Channel Bakers had a very clear vision of the animation they wanted included in a bespoke video that communicates an understanding of the obstacles when selling and advertising on Amazon, as well as their core value propositions.  We produced this incredibly cool and stylish stop motion animated explainer video for Channel Bakers that shows how to make a brand stand out and grab attention with a selective use of colour, stylistic animation and music.
After discussing this project and receiving the initial video brief from Channel Bakers, it was clear they had a solid vision and idea of the video they wanted for their brand. This was fantastic, because we had a strong brand identity to work with which was connected to the music industry (which is always fun!). We were tasked with making a fun musical video using title cards to communicate the core value propositions of Channel Bakers, as well as using stop-motion animation and a vibrant color palette to give the video a stand-out appeal. Because this video does not feature a voice over, we also wanted to time the animations to the beats of the backing music, giving it extra stylistic appeal.
Video Style:
Stop-motion animation
Channel Bakers
What We Did
Music, designs and animation


Hours Spend


Scenes Designed


Revisions Made
Step 1

Sketching Phase

This video creation process was a little different from a typical animation, featuring timed animations and title cards in place of a script and voiceover. For that reason, this project began with the sketching phase; drawing samples of character and scene styles to get initial feedback from our clients to ensure they are happy with the ‘theme’ we would carry forward to the next steps.
Step 2

Graphic storyboard

Next came the storyboarding phase. This allows us to show the progression or narrative of a video, moving from scene to scene and demonstrating how the video would ‘play out’. This is a crucial step because it ensures we have the order correct before we commit the characters and elements in the video for animation.  We then worked with the team at Channel Bakers to select the perfect backing music; something with a prominent beat that we could use to set timings to the animation and give the video the tone and energy we were looking for.
Step 3


Now comes our favourite part: the animation! In this video, we used a captivating stop-motion 2D animation style with a subtle ‘dust’ overlay to give the video a retro film feel. The video features a number of moving elements and scenes, from close-up shots of mixing decks and volume controls to a rockstar performing at a packed-out festival! Each scene perfectly accompanies a value proposition for Channel Bakers.

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