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Want to promote your business? Great. What’s NOT great is using ineffective methods to get your name out there. Basically, placing an ad in the paper won’t get you anywhere. Anymore. Maybe 20 years ago, but this is the millennial generation. Attention spans are dropping to less than that of a baby goldfish. In today’s world, you need an explainer video.
Why? Our Kashu bees will tell you why.
Our well-crafted explainer videos and captivating animations boost conversions and sales. They’ll make you serious, serious honey. We mean money. In fact, adding an animated explainer video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Epic, we know.
The animated explainer video which Kashu will create for you, will also produce great ROI. In fact, 76% of businesses admit that videos increased their return on investment. Our videos build trust, as it speaks to customers directly while using color, pictures, music and a soothing voice to tell your story.
Google loves videos, meaning you’re 53 times more likely to be on the first page of Google if a pretty little video is embedded on your site. Awesome, right? What’s just as awesome is the fact that video appeals to mobile users. People use smartphones every day to watch videos. They don’t want to read. Got a video? Got customers. here
The best part? It doesn’t even need to cost an arm and a leg. That’s what Kashu is here for. We offer explainer videos that align with your budget, without compromising quality. In fact, quality is what we do best. Get a quote today, and let’s make some honey.