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How animation helps your rankings
It’s safe to say that most people in today’s world grew up watching animations. Maybe not your GREAT Uncle Bob, but your Uncle Bob for sure. If you’re selling lemonade, and Uncle Bob wants lemonade, why would he buy yours when the guy next door is selling it? The guy-next-door’s lemonade isn’t as good as yours. However, he showed Uncle Bob a cool cartoon animation convincing him to get lemonade. Get it? Got it.
So, people like animations. They like being engaged, and it makes them think of their childhood. Animated videos for your business are a very, very delicious idea. It allows you to deliver your message in a quick and simple way, without getting overly-complex. That’s where a pro wordsmith comes in, saying 1000 words in about 150.
Animation motivates buyers more, while improving search rankings. They bring even the most mundane of websites to life, drawing people in, in a minute or less. Need more time? Make a longer video. But not too long. Short is sweet, and sweet is king.
Animated videos allow you to inform AND entertain at the same time. Uncle Bob was thirsty, and the guy-next-door’s video made him laugh. Double whammy. Yummy AND funny. Animated explainer videos show your personality, acting as your tireless salesman 24/7. Such videos are easy to share, and help you stay on trend.
What’s not to love about animated explainer videos?
Kashu has a whole team of bees ready to make yours. If you’re ready, of course.