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Here at Kashu we’re known to get a little nutty over anything animated, that’s because our studio is home to some of the most innovative and accomplished digital animators and video producers on the planet. We like to think of ourselves as a hive of video production, and our team of experienced creative bees are able to produce almost every type of animation there is; whether you’re looking for GIF Animations, Explainer Videos, Corporate Clips, Whiteboard Presentations or Animated Adverts – Kashu are more than equipped to create your perfect animation.

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What are GIF Animations?

GIF animations are all over the internet! Whether you’re reading a listicle about your favourite television show, or crumpled over laughing at the latest spicy meme – it’s likely you’ve seen a GIF animation before. However, if you’re still a little unsure, here’s a crash course in what makes a GIF animation:

Firstly, a GIF animation is typically a very short, animated video that’s looped – they’re simple and often used to illustrate a single event, idea or message. In regards to what they’re designed for, the easiest and most concise answer would be: literally anything; from animating a GIF and placing it within a listicle, all the way through to more commercial uses such as corporate marketing – it’s not surprising to find animated GIFs wherever you go online!

Why should I choose Kashu to develop my GIF Animations?

The vast majority of our clients choose to work with us because our ideas have a tendency to be a bit nutty, we produce bespoke GIF animations that are specifically geared towards whatever your unique objectives may be. Furthermore, we’ve gained considerable global experience, completing a multitude of exciting projects for a range of high-profile clients across Europe, Australia and the USA – we understand what makes an exciting GIF animation that can generate significant buzz.

If we’re bee-ing truly honest, here at Kashu we like to think of our animation studio as a bit of a hive when it comes to creativity. Accordingly, our team of enthusiastic producers and imaginative illustrators will treat your GIF animation like honey – we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your project ends up totally sweet!

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Kashu are the best! Had a great experience ordering and working on my project, and the outcome is AWESOME! Will definitely work with them again in future projects

NoamFiverr Affiliate Marketing Team Member

The Kashu team were fantastic to work with! I would highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again should we need any more animation work. The quality of the creative was very high, they responded to our feedback and revision requests quickly, and were very easy to communicate with. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.


They had been excellent. Kept me fully informed throughout the process. Made revisions where needed to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I am very pleased with the finished product and would highly recommend.


Does Kashu provide any service guarantees?

Our team of creative worker bees are really only motivated by one thing, and that’s client satisfaction. That’s why we’re happy to offer numerous guarantees regarding the work we produce for our clients; we’ll ensure that:

  • Every GIF Animation is unique: All of our designs are made by our in-house team or creatives, and accordingly, your animated GIF will be designed specifically to target your unique set of requirements.
  • Every GIF Animation has an amazing design: We want our designs and GIF animations to catch your audience’s’ eyes. It’s important to us that they’re engaging, memorable and specifically designed to target your audience.
  • Every GIF Animation is delivered on time: Here at Kashu we completely understand the importance of meeting deadlines, that’s why we’ll guarantee to meet yours.
  • You’ll be offered unlimited revisions on your GIF Animation: Client satisfaction is why we do, what we do. Accordingly, Kashu will work tirelessly on your GIF animation until you think it’s perfect.
  • You’ll have complete control of your files: At Kashu we’re very firm believers that if you’ve paid for something, it should be yours. That’s why we’ll strive to ensure you always have access to all of the designs, documents and animations that our team created for you – ultimately, you may want to use them for another marketing project, or as part of a wider campaign.

GIF Animations F.A.Q

It can be hard to answer everyone’s questions, so if we didn’t manage to answer your question above, perhaps we can below. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding GIF animations that we receive:

I’d love Kashu to produce my GIF animations! How do I let them know?

That’s brilliant news! We’re looking forward to working with you too! Thankfully getting a quote from us to work on your project is as simple as filling our contact form. When filling it in, make sure to provide us with as much detail regarding your project as possible – we’ll get back to you with an affordable quote ASAP.

What is the GIF Animation Process?

Brainstorming & Scriptwriting

The first step of Kashu’s design process involves our entire creative team thoroughly discussing your project together; doing so allows our best creative minds to bounce ideas off of one another, before deciding on the correct direction in which to progress your project. Once our whole team is buzzed-up about your project’s goals and direction, we’ll present you with both our plan of action and script – you’ll obviously be able to review this before we progress.

I say obviously, because here at Kashu one of our primary objectives it to provide an animation service that fully involves our clients in the process. Ensuring that our clients are happy with the direction we’re taking their project is integral to our design process, it’s important that we work alongside you and fully understand what you require at each step of the project. Accordingly, we’ll only begin writing your project’s script once you’re happy with our plans for your GIF animation.


Sketches, Storyboarding & Style Sampling

Here at Kashu, we’ve found we’re a far more efficient hive when we divide the designing stage of the project into three distinct sections: sketches, style sampling and storyboarding.

We begin our design process by initially getting some of our busy creative bees to begin sketching out the concepts we jointly agreed upon whilst brainstorming. We use these rough sketches to ensure that both you and our team are literally on the same page, specifically when it comes to the visualisation of your GIF animation. Utilizing rough sketches in this way also allows us to ensure that the concept for your animation works frame by frame, enabling us to spot and stop any potential hiccups!

When everyone’s happy that your animation’s concept is both viable and exciting, we’ll fully storyboard the animated GIF before we begin to produce the animation’s style sample. A style sample put simply, is a fully fleshed-out and designed section, character or element of your project. We like to produce a style sample for our clients as it allows us to ensure that your vision for your project, and what we’ve envisaged for your project, ultimately align.

Once we’ve ensured that we’re ultimately on the same page, and you love the direction we’ve decided to take your animation project, we’ll start working on the most important part of the process – the graphic storyboard! Graphic storyboarding is essentially where everything comes together, it’s where we design each element and scene of your animation as thoroughly and precisely as we can. Once we’ve collated all the information that’s relevant to the project, we’ll present you with our graphic storyboard in a document format, coupled with your script as well as any further production notes that are essential to the animation.


GIF Animation

Once we have your approval regarding the script, storyboard, style sample and graphic storyboard, our team of animators can get to work on your GIF animation. Our studio will bee a hive of activity until we’re left with a bee-utiful final animation for you to preview!

However, have no fear! Our work isn’t done until you say it is! It’s important to us here at Kashu that you’re satisfied with your finished GIF animation, so if you feel some stylistic changes needed to be made, we’ll be happy to make them – we’re proud to offer unlimited revisions until you feel the project is perfect.

What if I have an idea, but I haven’t written a script?

Well, that’s no problem at all! Although Kashu is primarily an animation studio, we also offer our clients access to a range of brilliant scriptwriters. To bee completely honest, we love it when our clients come to us without a script – it allows us to get even more creative! If you’re interested in Kashu writing your script for you, make sure to send us every little nut of information you think is relevant!

What resources does Kashu need to start producing my GIF animations

In an ideal world, a few members of our team at Kashu will get in touch with you. We’ll want to discuss exactly what you’re looking for from your GIF animation. We’ll also need your script (if you’ve got one), your company’s logo, as well as all the additional notes you might think, are relevant to get us truly buzzing about your animation.

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