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Welcome to Kashu! We’re a team of creatives with a passion for high-quality, custom explainer videos. If you’re looking for a professional, corporate animation to explain your business, service or product, then you’ve come to the right place. 

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What is an Animated Corporate Video?

The key to good business is communication, and today corporate animation is one of the most innovative and freshest ways to communicate and engage with your intended audience. Our fully customizable videos use motion graphics coupled with clean animation to convey and simplify even the most complex of messages to potential future clients, existing clients, employees, and any other stakeholders.

Each corporate animation we create is unique to the client. We work closely with businesses to be certain we are engaging with the target audience, and use animation to ensure your products and services are engaging and easy to understand, whether your business operates in the technology, hospitality, or the voluntary sector.

Why Work With Kashu?

At Kashu, our team of creative bees strives to create stunning motion graphics and animations that are unique to your business, product or service. As previously mentioned, we carry out the entire process from the first brainstorming session to the final edit and ensure that you are kept in the loop throughout.

Our services include script-writing if required, in order to ensure your content is as relevant and clear as possible. We also record professional voice overs at the Beehive, in a number of languages and accents if required! Our creative team are also able to add original music and sound effects to your corporate animation. In terms of the animation process, we will work closely with you regarding character design, story-boarding, and editing the final 2D animation.

With years of combined experience, the team at Kashu have created over 10,000 projects for clients from across the globe and have received shining testimonials as well as developing great working relationships. We’ve created corporate animations and explainer videos for international brands such as Nissan, KFC, and Vodafone.

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Kashu are the best! Had a great experience ordering and working on my project, and the outcome is AWESOME! Will definitely work with them again in future projects

NoamFiverr Affiliate Marketing Team Member

The Kashu team were fantastic to work with! I would highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again should we need any more animation work. The quality of the creative was very high, they responded to our feedback and revision requests quickly, and were very easy to communicate with. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.


They had been excellent. Kept me fully informed throughout the process. Made revisions where needed to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I am very pleased with the finished product and would highly recommend.


The Process for Animated Corporate Videos

At Kashu, we have an easy-to-follow creative process that ensures each corporate animation is of the highest quality and custom-tailored to your business needs. We begin by discussing your project with you in great detail in order to get a solid idea of your brand and its products or services. Our creative team then engage in a brainstorming session and come up with a definitive plan of action for the video content.

We are able to work with an existing script or we can utilize our creative bees’ writing skills to develop a strong, and compelling script for your corporate animation as an extra service. We will then have our talented, voiceover artists record the script for the video. Kashu operates as an international business and are able to offer voiceovers in numerous accents and languages including Spanish, Dutch, German and French.

We then enter our video design stage. This part of the process is divided into three main sections; sketches, style sample and storyboarding. Please note that throughout the process our clients are able to keep up to date and in the loop with the process as the necessary files can be accessed at any time. We pride ourselves on this transparency as it enables us to make your explainer video or animation of the highest quality, making sure your message is clear and engaging.

Once the storyboard has been constructed, our fantastic animator bees can then begin work on the video before adding royalty-free music and any necessary sound effects. We strive for well-executed finished products at Kashu, and therefore offer unlimited revisions throughout the process and edit the animation to perfection.

Animated Corporate Videos F.A.Q

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our corporate animation service. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the pricing strategy for Corporate Animation?

We approach projects on an individual basis to ensure we are meeting the needs of your business in terms of creating a unique and effective animation or explainer video. This means our prices may vary depending on the complexity and length of the video. To receive a quote from Kashu, simply fill out our contact form with as many details as possible regarding your idea. We will then get back to you with an affordable quote and any further questions.

What information does Kashu need to start an Animated Corporate Video?

Once you have received a quote and agreed to work with us on your animated video, our creative bees will then reach out to discuss the project with you in further detail. This is to ensure we have a clear idea of your business, brand and the message you want to convey.

We will then need your script unless you would prefer us to write one with you, your business logo and any additional notes that are necessary to the animation.

How long does the Corporate Animation process take?

Once the creative process is underway, it usually takes around 25 to 29 days to complete a professional 30-second corporate animation. However, the length of the process may depend on the complexity and length of the animation. If you would like us to produce a longer video or would appreciate an even quicker time-frame then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss this.

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