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Here at Kashu, we’re a little nutty, that’s because we’re home to some of the world’s most creative and talented digital animators and video producers. Our hive of video production experts create almost every type of animation under the sun; whether you’re looking for Explainer Videos, corporate clips, whiteboard presentations, short or long adverts – we’re able to animate whatever you require.

You might be surprised with both the scale, calibre and sheer creativity of projects we at Kashu are able to undertake, but you shouldn’t be – we’re nuts after all!

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What is an Explainer Video?

Firstly, you’ve almost definitely seen an Explainer Video at least once before! But if you’re still a bit unsure, here’s a quick refresher:

An animated Explainer Video is usually a short, animated video, designed specifically with the intention of explaining an idea, product or service in a straightforward and captivating way. The objective of one of these videos is usually to quickly grab the attention of the audience; this is done by making clear and concise language choices that are coupled with a striking, dynamic and engaging visual production – when this combination is pulled off effectively, it’s almost impossible to look away!

With your audience’s eyes glued to the screen, it becomes much easier to educate and inform them about what you and your business can provide. Accordingly, that’s why these videos are fantastic tools for illustrating problems consumers may be having, before providing them with a highly effective solution.

Why should I choose Kashu to produce my Explainer Video?

Although our ideas at Kashu can be a bit nutty, we’ve had many years of hands-on experience producing videos for clients across the USA, Europe and even Australia – we know what it takes to produce high-quality animated explainer videos that generate a lot of buzz.

In many ways, we like to think of our animation studio as a bit of a hive of creativity, and our team of talented illustrators and producers will treat your project like royal jelly! Just have a look at our design process if you don’t beelieve us!

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Kashu are the best! Had a great experience ordering and working on my project, and the outcome is AWESOME! Will definitely work with them again in future projects

NoamFiverr Affiliate Marketing Team Member

The Kashu team were fantastic to work with! I would highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again should we need any more animation work. The quality of the creative was very high, they responded to our feedback and revision requests quickly, and were very easy to communicate with. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.


They had been excellent. Kept me fully informed throughout the process. Made revisions where needed to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I am very pleased with the finished product and would highly recommend.


I want Kashu to work on my Explainer Video!

You’re awesome! We’re excited about working with you too! Getting a quote from Kashu is as simple as filling out our contact form. Make sure to provide us with as much information about your project as possible when filling it in, and we’ll get back to you with an affordable quote as soon as possible!

Explainer Videos F.A.Q

If we didn’t manage to answer your question above, perhaps we can here. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Explainer Videos at Kashu:

What is the Corporate Animation Process?

Brainstorming & Scriptwriting

Firstly, our creative team will discuss your project together in detail, this allows all of our creative assets to fully weigh in on the direction we believe best suits your project. Once we’re all buzzed-up about the project’s objectives and direction, we’ll come up with an actionable plan that you’re then able to review before we begin.

Ensuring our clients are happy with the project’s direction is integral to the way we work at Kashu, it’s important to us that we work alongside you, ensuring that we fully understand what you want at each step of the process. Once you are happy with our plans for your project, we’ll begin writing the script!


Voiceover Recording

Following the completion of the script, we’ll make sure you’re completely happy with the narrative we’ve chosen for the video – if you want revisions, you shall have revisions. It’s your project after all!

When you’re happy with the script, we’ll have a voiceover artist that we believe best suits your project record a reading for your video. With that being said, if you’ve got your own ideas about how you want your voiceover to sound, that’s no problem; you’re welcome to choose a voiceover artist from our database of professional voice actors.


Sketches, Storyboarding & Style Sampling

Here at Kashu, we like to divide the designing stage of the projects we’re working on into three distinct sections: sketches, style sampling and storyboarding.

Our design process initially begins with some of our busy bees sketching out the concept we jointly approved upon earlier in the process. These rough sketches are incredibly useful for making sure both you and our team are on the same page, specifically in regards to visualising your project. This process is also incredibly helpful when making sure that our concept works frame by frame, we want your project to be perfect after all!

Once we’re all happy that the concept is both brilliant and functional, we’ll fully storyboard the video and then begin to produce the style sample; a style sample, simply put, is a fully designed section, character or element of your project. At Kashu we like to produce a style sample for our clients to make sure that both your vision for the project and what we’re envisaging align.

Now that we’ve ensured we’re both on the same page, and you’re happy with the direction in which we’re taking your project, we’ll begin to work on the most important part – the graphic storyboard! Graphic storyboarding is essential to our process, as it allows us to design each scene of your animation as fully and accurately as possible. Once we’ve compiled all the relevant information, we’ll present our graphic storyboard to you in a document format, paired alongside your script as well as any important production notes that need to be considered.


Video Animation

Finally, once we’ve got your approval regarding the script, voiceover artist, style sample and the graphic storyboard, our team of animators will get to work creating a bee-utiful animation for your Explainer Video. Once we’ve completed the animation, we’ll add unique royalty-free music and sound effects to give your video some suitable ambience or exciting energy.

Don’t worry though, that’s not the end of Kashu’s work. We want you to be happy with the finished Explainer Video, so if you feel that some changes need to be made – we offer unlimited revisions until the project is perfect.

What Are The Main Characteristics of an Explainer Video?

  • Quick: Explainer Videos are typically short, snappy and to the point; they’re not often longer than 2 minutes.
  • Easy to Understand: Explainer Videos are produced with the intention of conveying a message as simply as possible.
  • Focused on the Target Audience: The vast majority of Explainer Videos are either trying to sell a product or an idea, so they need to make the audience identify with the central message.
  • Animated: Although perhaps not an integral characteristic, the vast majority of these videos tend to be animated. This allows for far more creative freedom and direction when it comes to the final product.
  • Professional Sound Quality: Explainer Videos are, unsurprisingly, explaining something – so, ensuring both the music and voice over quality of your video are of an exceptionally high standard, is integral to audience engagement.

What Guarantees Do I Have When Working With Kashu?

Here at Kashu, there’s only one thing that really motivates us to succeed, and that’s client satisfaction. That’s why we offer a number of guarantees regarding the work we produce for our clients; we aim to ensure that:


  • Every Explainer Video is unique: As our designs are made in-house by our team of creatives, your video will be completely unique and designed according to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Every Explainer Video has an awesome design: We strive to create eye-catching designs for our videos. We want them to be engaging, memorable and appeal to your specified target audience.
  • Every Explainer video is delivered on time: At Kashu we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and guarantee to meet yours.
  • Every Explainer video will have a captivating script: If you choose to use our in-house scriptwriting service, we’ll make sure it’s exceptionally well-written, fit-to-purpose and effective at converting – whatever your goals.
  • You’ll be offered unlimited revisions: Client satisfaction is why we do what we do, that’s why our team will work on your Explainer Video until you think it’s perfect.
  • You’ll have complete control of your files: At the end of the day, the Explainer Video is yours and yours alone. That’s why the Kashu team will make sure you always have access to the designs, documents and animations that we created for you – after all, you might want to use them for another marketing project.

What if I have an idea, but I don’t have a script?

That’s no problem at all! Kashu is an animation studio that also offers our clients a script-writing service if they require it. In all fairness, we love it when our clients come to us without a script because it allows us to get even more creative! In order to write your script for you, we’ll need access to as much information as you can give us – send us every nut of information you deem to be relevant!

What information does Kashu need to start my Explainer Video?

Ideally, a few members of the team at Kashu will want to speak with you in order to discuss exactly what you want from your Explainer Video. We’ll need your script (if you have one), your company’s logo and all the additional notes you think are relevant to help us get buzzing about your animation.

Can I have a voiceover in a different language?

Kashu has access to a broad range of international voice over artists. We’re happy to produce an Italian, Portugues, Romanian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and English voice over for your Explainer Video.

If you’re looking for an English voice over we can also offer you a whole host of different accents, including regional British dialects, regional American dialects, Australian accents and even authentic Indian accents!

If you require a more specific language for your voice over, get in touch and we’ll see if we can facilitate your needs.

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